America is no longer a democracy, its an oligarchy and governed by Trump a oligarch and a Nazi. This July 4th is really the funeral of a nation and its Constitution

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  1. “Too many important measures the United States is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy.

    The evidence is not hidden. Ninety percent of the wealth in the United States is held by 1 percent of households. Intergenerational class mobility has been stagnant for several decades. The racial wealth gap continues to persist. It is so extreme that economists and other experts predict that African-Americans as a group will have zero wealth by 2053. “Tax reform” has continued to divert money upward to the very rich and away from all other Americans. Political scientists Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page have shown that America’s elected officials are almost wholly unresponsive to the political demands of the average American.
    Why is this? How do poor and working-class Americans reconcile such enthusiastic support for a country that has in many ways failed them? Is this a form of false consciousness? What explains the power of cultural myths about meritocracy and individualism, in the face of ample evidence that they do not represent reality for most people? How was Donald Trump able to exploit the patriotism and nationalism of poor and working-class white Americans (and others) to win the White House?”

    America would be a perfect country example of a country on the verge of a Marxist-Leninist revolution like Czarist Russia, but it’s people even some of the poorest can all rally around a billionaire con artist, white racist. Putin would be Czar Vladimir, if Russians had the racist history of America. Can the nation be saved? That remains to be seen, unless Democrats win in 2020 the future is bleak.


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