The 2020 election is the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party and even its very existence.

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  1. “I’m bored with the folk tale of Nancy Pelosi in which she drives the aspiring tyrant Donald Trump mad by using ironic turns of phrases such as “self-impeachment” while providing him more money to mistreat migrant kids he has ordered to be ripped out of the arms of their parents. I’m tired of acquiescence and appeasement being portrayed as audaciousness. Find cowardice a more fitting costume already.

    Granted, Nancy Pelosi used to be that person. As Maureen Dowd notes, “in her first moments on the floor of the House in 1987, as the plague decimating gay men raged, she defied the advice of Democratic elders and sang out that she had come to Washington to fight AIDS.”

    That was a long time ago, though. Now she is a Democratic elder denigrating the young women following in her footsteps by daring party leadership to be bolder in its approach and to fight harder and smarter for those in need. Unlike Pelosi, they are not interested in catering to the interests of centrist white folks while migrant kids sit in a cage soiled in urine. If she can’t see why their perspective matters and learn to treat the nonwhite women leading the future of the Democratic Party with greater respect, she should go and find a more appropriate place to be a relic. “


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