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  1. “1/ If the Dems blow this election it will not be because they were “too far left on policy” or because they “weren’t left enough.” It will have little to do with policy at all. They are making a mistake caused by traditional consultant theory that does not apply here…
    2/ And by listening to influential pundits in liberal media who also don’t get the unique nature of Trumpism, relative to normal political movements & campaigns…this election is NOT going to be won by talking about all your “great plans” for health care, jobs, education, etc..”
    The democrats have become 2 parties, 1 which is running 20 candidates for president, most are clones and neocons or democans/republicrats. The 2018 Congressional class is not represented, and they are they folks who won. Pelosi cannot face a party that is not a neoliberal, pro-Wall St. pro-MIC, pro-lobbyist and pro-zionist. Biden believes that it’s 1990 and the rest are trying to run to the right as soon as they need money.


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