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  1. I have been saying that Trump was a fascist/Nazi since before he ran in 2016. The Americans were either too naive or simply too ignorant of tyrannts in their history to recognize it. Now there is no doubt that he and his supporters are white nationalist/racists and oligarchs who want a Putin style dictatorship and the persecution of his enemies
    ““Only where great masses are superfluous or can be spared without disastrous results of depopulation is totalitarian rule, as distinguished from a totalitarian movement, at all possible,” Arendt wrote. For “depopulation” read “deaths,” and with victims of the virus in the tens of thousands and potentially headed for more than a million, Trump has his hands on one of the key levers of totalitarian rule. You can see it nightly on his face. People talk about Trump’s “lack of empathy,” but as the bodies pile up, I think what we see in Trump is the delight of a dictator in the making. For every dead body wheeled into the back of a refrigerated truck, Trump sees a hundred frightened voters who can be manipulated into adoration of their fearless leader.”


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