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  1. “This idea was so obviously nutty that the Lysol, the maker of one of the disinfectant products we were talking about, said the idea of ingesting disinfectant was something consumers absolutely should not do,” the CNN correspondent continued. “The fact that the president should offer this idea, this nutty idea, seemingly unaware of how nutty it was puts into question an issue that we’ve danced around in the media for the last few years, which is: is the president all there? Is he connected with reality?”
    Yes Trump is insane. Today he tried to claim that he was being sarcsatic, BULL SHIT. Anderson Cooper call him out. He is clearly insane, but no doubt there will be members of his base who will try to inject Clorox and sleep in tanning beds like he does. Remember there was a couple who killed themselves by taking Chloroquine because he claimed it was a “cure”. I’m sure that Trump has invested money in bleach and tanning beds


    1. ““Nah, I was asking a question sarcastically to reporters just like you to see what would happen,” Trump claimed, responding to a reporter who asked him to explain his remarks that lit up on social media.”
      Fact check: He got caught in an enormous crazy moment and tried to walk it back, IT DIDN’T WORK.


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