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  1. Understanding Trumpism means understanding modern history. Snyder is an expert is the history of 20th century Europe and fascist/Nazi movements leading up to WW2. How did a right wing fringe of beer drinking racists, bigots and thugs channel the energies of the German working classes to go in such a different direction as the Russian working classes during WW1? In the US lie in Germany the historical white racism and xenophobia was a substitute of deeply rooted anti semitism of Germany and Europe. Hitler and the Nazis used fear of “Aryans”losing power in the historical homeland, therefore the “master race” and 19th century pseudo-scientific white racist theories, many were the same as those who used “science” to bolster white American racism, segregation and genocide. Trump was raised in a white racist, nouveau riche, privileged family. His father had a long white racist history and neo fascist beliefs. Trump is an autocrat like Putin, and wants to model the US after Putin’s Russia, an oligarchy under an autocratic leader, a true kleptocracy where govern is based on using the government as a bank for oligarchs and based entirely on leader loyalty. I posted Snyder’s video on the rule of law.


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