I welcome all to my blog. This is my almanac, and my name is Frank Farmer, and like all almanacs I will try to write and publish news, views, opinions, predictions, history and dialogue. I’m a retired history professor and educator. I have a broad range of experiences in my 7th decade of my life and career. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, attended public schools there (Germantown High School 1965) immigrated to Canada in 1968. I went to York University, University of Guelph and University of Waterloo, hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in history. My teaching and research specialisations include Canadian, African and diaspora, Caribbean and Latin American, Atlantic world history and diversity. I’ve been an activist since high school, when I was in the anti-war movement, a field worker for Southern Christian Leadership Council, the war resistance movement in the US and Canada, the New Democratic Party and international development education.

As a teacher/professor I had a career that included teaching history/social studies, English and ESL. I have taught in the US, Africa, First Nations in Alberta, the Caribbean and Canada. I retired from university teaching in 2009.

I’ve had a facebook group for a number of years, Canadians Opposed to Trump and American Fascism.Nazism, which I will close down soon and will be moving many posts and articles here, for discussion. My goal is to provide a forum for progressives folks to share opinions, information and news.

Now I live in Toronto with my wife Helene Treloar, we spend our time between Toronto and her family’s home near Quebec City. We have a house and pet sitting service, The Home Team.

I hope that you’ll come and stay for awhile. Have a cup of coffee or 2, read, share debate, even argue. This blog is free speech zone, no censorship, no restriction, no rules, no moderators. All ideas and views are welcome.

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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