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  1. The Trumpistas will wipe themselves out before the election. The nation has cancelled major sports, even 12 person juries have been cancelled because of the safety to the jurors. But this fools will gamble with their lives to pay homage to their messiah. This is the American Jonestown and Trump is handing out Kool Aid when you sign a waiver no to sue him if they get infected with a disease that he and his party claim is a “hoax” spread by his opponents. Really, what did 118,000+ die from, r are they all crisis actors enslaved on the dark side of the moon or hiding in Kenya in Obama’s communist village. Trump is a mad man who knows that he is going to lose and as his final statement, he’s going to get thousands of stupid people to commit suicide.. This event may be the largest gathering of extremely stupid white people in American history.


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