Eugene Robinson: Trump is intent on destroying the Republican Party

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  1. “We are the party of white racial grievance. We believe those marching in Black Lives Matter protests are “thugs.” We see the term “systemic racism” as an unfair attack on white people. We support keeping Confederate monuments on their pedestals, and we have no idea why anyone would consider Confederate flags a problem. We are equal-opportunity racists. We see Latino immigrants as “bad hombres.” And we believe that using the racist term “kung flu” to describe covid-19 is hilarious, not least because we are convinced the covid-19 pandemic is basically over, anyway. Who cares what pointy-headed “experts” might say — we know in our hearts that patriotic Americans don’t wear masks.

    Those are some of the views Republicans endorse by uncritically embracing and supporting President Trump. He is leading his party down a sewer of unabashed racism and willful ignorance, and all who follow him — and I mean all — deserve to feel the mighty wrath of voters in November.”

    Yes this is the republican party, the White Nationalist Party, this not Strom Thurman or George Wallace or Jesse Helms. Its not some redneck from Scratchlow Mississippi, this is from all states north and south. Does Trump want to end the 160 year old 2 party system Robinson says yes. Bannon said when he was still in the Trump White House that his mission was to destroy the government, and his disciple, Steve Miller, the self hating Jewish Nazi has been guiding Trump’s administration since the beginning. I can foresee the 2024 election with no republican candidate, but 2 democratic parties one centerist and one progressive


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