How Can Americans Continue to Believe that the US is the Greatest Nation on Earth?

I wonder how Americans can keep believing that the US is the greatest nation on the planet. What metric could you possibly use to determine that. The quality of life is below every other developed country, income inequality below every developed nation, health and healthcare, far below every developed and most developing nations, education and attainment far below developed nations, the freedom index (based on freedom of speech, expression, assembly and press) far below every developed nation and food security, at the very bottom of the developed nations. The only thing the US excels in is military spending, gun violence, intolerance of religion and racial minorities. So please tell me how the US is the greatest nation on earth, and who it is great FOR. The reason that most people on the planet have a very negative view of the country and the American people is hubris. The pandemic has revealed just how flawed the nation is, the Trump administration has proven that the country is a failed state, a rogue nation and a danger to peace and the security of the planet. The rejection of science and facts for greed and profit and even power has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. In my life I have watched the decline and fall of almost every democratic institution in the nation. Democracy has become oligarchy, as President Jimmy Carter said after Trump’s election. Trump’s unfettered support of laissez faire capitalism as further exacerbated the global climate crisis. Now in the mad rush to return the failed economy many many many innocent Americans are jeopardizing their health and lives to return to poverty wage jobs, when every other nation confronting the virus has closed their economies to save lives. I do hope that friends will discuss these issues. WHO STILL BELIEVES THE HYPE AND WHY?

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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  1. Well, we know who…why on the other hand, because they want a fellow racist in charge because they hate non-Whites. Why they are racist, because they are taught to be racists by their parents and peers, and their media keeps on blaming non-Whites for every ill in the universe except looking at themselves and the people they elected


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