Happy Canada Day

This is our birthday. July 1 1867 Canada became an independent dominion. We were born as a nation and learned from our southern neighbour how NOT to be a nation. We were the first independent nation within the British Empire. We were a vast nation from Atlantic to Pacific to the Arctic. We were a diverse nation, British, French, American, African and Indigenous. We were prosperous, endowed with vast forests, prairies with rich fertile soil, mineral wealth, ports and cities. The founders, our fathers of Confederation, had learned from the US Civil War and the failure of that system of government and built our political system on the Westminster model, which we maintain to the present.

Celebrate with us at a distance. Remember who and what we are. A nation of tolerance, justice, freedom of thought and expression, rooted in our innovation, spirit of adventure, love of our land and its bounty and compassion for each other and our condition. As we watch our American neighbours struggle with a failed nation, we have taken the lesson to heart. We and our children must use every bit of energy and intelligence to do what is our destiny dictates. We must listen to the voices of our ancestors spirits who came from every nation on the globe, to make this nation our home. We must pass their dreams to our children and their children.

Happy Birthday Canada and Many Many Many More!

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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