Trump should resign as president like Nixon, ask Pence to give him a pardon and fly to Moscow.

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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  1. It would be a total shock to see the Chump quit. With Dickie Nixon he understood he screwed up big time and to try and heal the country quit. I am not totally sure Watergate was all his fault. What I think is some idiots came up with a plan and knowing the BOSS was paranoid and wanting to do anything to get reelected put it out, convinced him and it all went downhill from there, Whereas with the CHUMP he has always been a crooked ASSHOLE since he is a third generation THIEF,


  2. Trump is terrified of prison and he would be indicted as soon as he is out of power. He’ll make a deal with Pence and do the Nixon thing, get a pardon and resign, if not he’ll lose in a landslide and fly to Moscow after the election


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