Racism and Politics Trump and Wallace: The End of Truth and Justice in American Politics

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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  1. I read.through this story and by their way of thinking I should be a Chumpie for a MILLION reasons, One I am older white boy and two I have never been able for a bunch of reasons to ever get past and move up from the bottom of the economic ladder and three my formal education ended with high school except for now useless technical classes.
    All that said I am totally the opposite of a Chumpie for a MILLION REASONS and totally despise him and everything he stands for. I grew up an old fashioned Republican who quit voting for most Republicans about the time of Ronnie Raygun. I don’t about the D’s they don’t offer much to the WORKING PEOPLE of AMERICA EITHER regardless of race. Lady Hillary showed that in her presidential campaign.
    All this said I am totally lost in the political environment today. Donald is trying to win and succeeded once with the White Trash as his base. Whereas the Democrat base is HIGHLY? educated government and private industry bureaucrats and technocrats. This is one huge reason Barrack couldn’t really try to clean up the financial mess Slick Willie and Dubya left him. The people who created it are the heart and soul of the modern Democratic Party, Wall Street and Sillyclone Valley.


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