Chris Hedges on What Will Follow Trump–compared-to-whats-coming-next/?fbclid=IwAR2jLFZnMmWt91EjhFRLV9M8myNqHGNhP5jt0Gn-g-QgnGpYl1VnNWNNBXc

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  1. This is very scary, sad and very true. I am not sure going into the streets is the answer? Here in Portland Or for the last month there have been demonstrations/ riots almost every night and I don’t see any change for the better. In some ways worse with dear leader has sent in federal forces since he didn’t think our local cops were doing a good enough job. What it might take to change things is some guerrilla warfare by small groups that cause real pain to the ELITE People such as the Prez and lots of congress to start and see what happens. I don’t see riots in the street as making much change. You need to cause REAL PAIN Even if it is indirect.


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