Fuck The Zuck

I’ve been blocked by Facebook for posting an article from Elle Magazine about Trump and his relationship with Epstein. Elle is a fashion magazine, hardly anything provocative. Facebook has crossed the line this time. Censorship is not the issue, its just bullshit. I have tried to get my thoughts and words out to those who opposed what is happening in the US and Trump. Zuckerberg is a pro Trump right wing surrogate, he is nothing more than a Trump tool.

For those of you who know me, you know that he has not stopped me in the past, and he wont stop me now. The reason for this blog is to guarantee free speech and expression to progressive voices. That is exactly what I intend to do. I will continue to post here and will try to notify you, my “friends” through email, PMs and again I invite you to join me here. If you have followed the posts on my facebook page you know how to get to my blog, I want to hear from you all. I value your opinions and views, I’ll give you the voice that facebook fears, THE TRUTH. I closed down my group or facebook did, that means that we struck Zuckerberg’s nerve.

Now Trump is trying to win the election by killing the opposition, literally. His election campaign has a twofold strategy, 1st solidify his white racist base and 2nd to eliminate opposition by forcing people to reopen the economy and schools, which will put millions of people in to peril. I’ve said this before, the virus is like the Zyklon-B for Trump personal holocaust. 135,218 are already dead and by November that number could triple. Those who survive will be effected for the rest of their lives. Even when a vaccine is available it will be costly and millions of uninsured will remain vulnerable. Organ damage is common, even neurological damage resulting from the disease is common. Trump is trying silence science because it is counter to his ambition, which is to destroy democracy and replace it with a Russian type neofascist oligarchic police state.

I want to bring my friends with me in the continuing struggle to save lives, souls and minds from fascism. I’ll continue posting here and encourage my friends to sue my blog as your voice too.

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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