Timothy Snyder Warned the Nation in On Tyranny: 20 Lessons from the 20th Century. The Nations’ Cities are Facing a Paramilitary Occupation

Published by Frank Farmer

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  1. One day, maybe soon, these “unarmed” protestors are going to start shooting back. OR is a shall issue state, open carry. I am really surprised they haven’t yet, nor the Black community, although some of the police killings you have to wonder about. I’m sure they don’t report them as such, in self defence against the cops. No Huey P. Newtons around.


  2. Trump’s Gestapo can still be stopped by Congress cutting off their funding. Pelosi has to introduce a bill to cut DHS funding with something that the republicans want. If they don’t its “boogalou”time. There will be a prolonged battle between troops, paramilitary groups and militias, armed rednecks. It won’t last long but it will be bloody. Trump will escape with his family to Russia. Biden will take the oath of office without any inauguration parade or speech. The republicans will be decimated, most of Trump’s cabinet will be indicted and will go to prison, Barr will be able to escape to Moscow. The party will cease to exist after the mid term elections and be replaced by a white nationalist party

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