Trump’s new “doctor” believes in Trump Plague can be cured with hydrocloroquin and that alien sperm is in medications, and sex with demons. Trump will fire Dr. Fauci and hire Dr. Immanuel on the Task Force

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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  1. This woman is insane…”Immanuel has also claimed that doctors used alien DNA in medical treatments, and that lizard-like “reptilian” aliens are involved in the United States government. She thanked The Daily Beast on Tuesday for “summarizing” her work. “The Daily Beast did a great job summarizing our deliverance ministry and exposing incubus and succubus. Thank you daily beast. If you need deliverance from these spirits. Contact us,” she tweeted

    But she has refused to provide proof of her claim that she’s cured hundreds of COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine.”


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