Dr. Mary Trump’s book and the upcoming Michael Cohen book will destroy Trump. He should resign and move to Moscow now before it gets too cold…

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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  1. Even his professional redneck racist supporters, nutcase evangelicals and militias will not defend Trump as a child molester. Maxwell and Cohen have exposed him, Cohen has payments for boys and girls all underage, pay off amounts and documents. Id you thought Stormy Daniels just wait a few weeks. Dr. Trump’s book in some ways is a kind, we are shown why he is insane and stupid. His mental condition is undeniable and his lying and cheating as she says “is a way of life” in his family.


  2. Trump books has become an industry. The best reason to go to work at the White House is to get fired and write a book. Its like winning the lottery. I expect that Trump spray on makeup “artist” (painter) and his rug maker (toupe) will write “tell all” books soon


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