Why I’m not on Facebook now?

This is the statement I made today to Facebook and they will not allow me to send it to “Community Standards”I’m blocked from posting until Tuesday morning. This is the 2nd time in 2 months that I’ve been blocked (Facebook had to unblock me when I posted an article on Melania Trump “Einstein visa.” I will decide whether or not to continue keeping my Facebook account open. I use Facebook as a source of reference. I’ve had problems since I started a group called Canadians Opposed to Trump and American Fascism/Nazism 2 years ago, I was blocked for calling “Kanye” “Coonye” after his infamous visit to the White House in that group.

It is clear that my statement was accurate, wearing a mask is common sense, not wearing a mask is “stupid” and in many jurisdiction including mine, Toronto. The people in the photo were Trump supporters and no socially distancing and therefore being even more “stupid” The people in the photo were obviously “white”. My statement was both logical and accurate, you action was prejudiced and racially biased. Making your action both illogical and inaccurate. I have seen posts that were openly racist, advocating violence against black and brown people. I have seen swastikas, confederate flags, I have seen depictions of white people in KKK robes and even glorifying violence against black and brown people. This is OK, I guess, but calling white Trump supporters is NOT. Last month Facebook wrongfully suspended my account for posting a factual article about Melania Trump, fully fact checked and accurate, Facebook was forced to reinstate my account, as the post was not in violation of anything, in fact it was nonpolitical and from a fashion industry magazine. It appears that I have been singled out for my political opinions and my expression of my opinions on Facebook. Facebook’s biases are clear. I have over 2,000 friends on Facebook and a blog that is free of censorship. My friends account for a substantial number of consumers, who can express their views without censorship or recriminations and FREE OF ADS, which is clearly Facebook’s “bottom line”. When I’m unable to post on Facebook, many will leave Facebook. Therefore a logical statement referring to non mask wearing “WHITE” people as “STUPID”, it is a statement of the obvious, hardly a violation of any standards it described a photo. Posting the photo is as much a violation of standards of logic and common sense. Thank you

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  1. Facebook has very serious problems, but it does allow some actual information circulated. In 10 years I’ve gone through these games with them many times. When I was living in Panama, some assholes had me blocked for a week, that was seriously problematic because it was the only tie we had to Canada and news, TV is all, of course in Spanish or Fox News. Trolls and assholes are a terrible problem on facebook, but facebook wants to make money and the ads not free speech matter. Anyone who shouts sanity, makes themselve a target, thats me. My blog has no community standards, people set their own community standards.

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  2. Facebookk has it’s annoying moments, yes. Like when I was banned for posting a picture of real Nazis from WWII. I forget the context, probably comparing them to the proud bois or something. I block all their ads except the ones that appear as messages, nothing I can do about that. There are a couple of FB alternatives, but they’re very complex, have to sign up to some special servers, etc.You might as well use regular emails.

    Anyhow, the only problem I’ve had with your posts are the paywall ones, I can’t afford to subscribe to WP, NYT, Atlantic, etc. so I can only read the headlines.


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