Biden’s response to Trump’s threat to Social Security

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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  1. You have to wonder if Trump is deliberately trying to lose, again. But he’s not smart enough to even think of such a thing, sounds more like Stephen Miller at the helm, again.


  2. If The Donald and the people around him were STUPID enough to get rid of Social Security he would be in deep dodo with lots of his fans. So many of his most loyal fans are probably dependent on Social Security for lots of their income. For instance lots of Republicans in Oregon think it would be a good Idea to recall our guv. When I go by one of their stands set up to collect signatures it looks like the people doing the collecting are in their seventies and I never even on weeks see anyone of working age? Since I am sure they are Chumpies don’t they understand what he will do to them if by some horrible occurrence things go his way? If they still love and he pulls this off, Moron’s is us gets more people every day.

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