ACLU dismantle Homeland Security

Published by Frank Farmer

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  1. I am a Portland native of 67 years. This whole nightly riot KRAP is stupid? It has gotten to the point where I don’t know who or what to believe any more. Part of my problem is I try to look at all sides of this. I understand where the BLM are coming from. I understand some of their problems, there are lots of cops who are Adam Henrys for various reasons. For instance if someone is being a jerk and has a few complaints about maybe dealing with the neighborhood they serve . For instance they are being very obnoxious with some black people for no real good reason on a night shift. Transfer to a day shit in downtown or some other part of town with less trouble? On the other side I also wouldn’t be surprised to see some outside agitators stirring up trouble with the rioters , egging them on and other things and as soon as shit hits the fan disappear into the crowd and disappear. It is a bunch of krap what goes on downtown everynight.

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