Michael Cohen has had death threats after speaking about his time as Trump’s lawyer/fixer

Published by Frank Farmer

Blog owner, retired professor

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  1. Why would this be a surprise to anyone with half a brain? I am sure Donnie has lots of loyal fans around NYC and also has done lots of business with and is good friends with lots of Mafia people around New York. What makes this even more interesting is that in the past Donnie has testified against his Mafia pals and it was no big deal as they have done it all the time to save their own rear ends. What is so funny now that it is Donnie’s rear end is on the line he is very upset at anyone who might dare say anything bad about him.


  2. His father was mobbed up back in the Gambino days, Donny bought all of his construction materials from from the mob in New York and Philly when he was building hotels and casinos. He and Fred Trump were always mobbed up. Cohen knew what the chances were if he turned on Trump and he took the chance. He has more guts in his little finger than Trump does in his intestines


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