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  1. Donald, I hate to tell you something you don’t know about homeless. This is NOT A NEW PROBLEM. It has literally gone on forever, look at the bible for starters if you know how to read? On a more take on the problem, two big problems. Both are related to $$. First in the late 60s the Funny Farms started closing for money and the theory the Lunatics could be better treated in society. The latter never happened and since then we have more lunatics on the street and unless they commit a criminal act and go to jail nothing happens. A much more modern problem is the cost of housing. In most cities of ANY Size the cost of housing has skyrocketed and wages at best are flat and thanks to AUTOMATION along with a bunch of other issues we have a McJOBS economy that offers little or nothing to the average schmuck. This is just a little rant and if anyone reads it great. I know there is now way this would ever reach the chumpster. Even by a REAL MIRACLE it did it would have ZERO CLUE what I am trying to say.

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    1. Unfortunately not just the truly insane, like Hannibal Lector, but just people on depression and who can’t afford the medications, or returned combat vets with PTSD. Farmers are killing themselves at a higher rate than vets 😦

      The rest would take me too long to comment on, but Trump won’t listen anywise.


  2. Homelessness has only been around for two years huh? I guess his limo windows are too opaque.

    That means you can’t see through it, if there are any Trump fans reading this.


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