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  1. Trump Lite.

    O’Toole vows to take a more aggressive stand against China on the world stage. He would ban Chinese telecom giant Huawei from taking part in the development of Canada’s 5G network
    After the Wet’suwet’en solidarity movement sparked protests and rail blockades across Canada last winter, O’Toole promises to enact a new law — the “Freedom of Movement Act” — that would make it a specific criminal offence to block of train tracks, airports, seaports and the entrances to businesses. This is necessary to “prevent radicals from shutting down the economy,” O’Toole’s platform says. The law would also increase punishments for people who hinder the “proper functioning of energy transportation infrastructure.”
    The new leader has also promised to repeal the Liberal government’s ban on oil tanker traffic off the northern coast of British Columbia, as well as the new environmental assessment scheme for major projects, which Conservatives say blocks resource development because it’s too onerous. He would also pass a new law to make it easier and quicker to green-light pipelines deemed to be in the national interest.
    He would also slash funding to CBC English television and the CBC News Network by 50 per cent and try to privatize them within that first term.


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