Trump’s former doctor claims Biden is mentally incapable of being president. Really? Trump’s former doctors let him write his own medical record. I would call them “Quacks on Parade” do they get their medical degrees from Trump University

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  1. Trump has a history with medical frauds and quacks, when he ran in 2016 his “doctor” read a “medical report that was clearly written by Trump, that claimed that he was the “healthiest president ever”. It is clear from the language that no medical school graduate wrote this. It sounded like one of his childish tweets. Now the country in the grip of a pandemic and Trump has enlisted a gang of medical frauds and quacks, snake oil salesmen and charlatans. 215,000+ Americans have died, it we believe his “doctors” he himself has been infected and because he is from the master race he has full recovered and while his supporters spread the Trump Plague throughout the country. The most profound impact of his reign will be the plague, which will have claimed more than 400,000+ victims by the time he is replaced in January.


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