I have reached the end of my time on facebook. Their so called community standards are a method of suppressing freedom of speech and expression. For more than 10 years I have tried to comply and failed because my views offend trolls and bots who use multiple identities and play the facebook game. I will try to hold on until after the November election.

My posts in almost every group are scrutinised and even on my own page are blocked. I have many methods of getting around the games, but it is tedious and tiresome.

I find it much freer to blog and I urge friends to join me and the others who follow me here. I will not be accepting new friends and I encourage all of the 2385 friends that I do have and those who follow me to join me here. What began as a place to post cute cat photos has turned into a nightmare. Once trolls infect you you cannot win. When I point out inconsistencies like a “progressive” US journalist, Chris Hedges, has a TV programme on RT (Russian TV) and starts a 3rd party is a probably a Russian front. We know that Jill Stein was allied with Russia in 2016 and even photographed with Putin and Michael Flynn in Moscow and I post it, I get thrown into “facebook jail”. While a Canadian group claiming to be Canadian Social Democrats refers to Barack Obama as “O Bomb ya” I reacted as a black man and spared no mercy on the poster. I called him childish and as bad as Trump with his bullying insults. I violated “community standards”. I would say that the trolls and bots are winning, It was a visceral reaction as a black man to an insult to the first black president, I’m Canadian and don’t vote in the US.

So its has been a difficult 10 year run but I believe that I have made the best choice. I believe in free speech, not political censorship of any kind by anyone. I’m always here and my email is farmer1047@gmail.com. Here I will try to provide a high level of information on politics in the US and Canada, and dialogue. I want to hear from all of my friends about my decision to leave facebook. I expect that some trolls will see this on my facebook page, and I will apply my own brand of “trollicide”, confrontation and truth.

As some of you know I have a terminal lung condition and am waiting for a double lung transplant. I’m confident that I will get a transplant, but the Trump Plague has had an impact on the availability of donor organs from the states I have had 3 false alarms this summer and fall when lungs didn’t meet our standards. I always take my phone and laptop to the hospital with me. I hope that all of you will support me as I undergo surgery and recovery. My wife is my life, she has stood by me since we were married 14 years ago. I owe her my life and my family here in Canada and in the states.


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Blog owner, retired professor

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