This explains much of Trump’s behavior. He chose Roy Cohn as his mentor. Cohn was Joe McCarthy’s ruthless and relentless prosecutor.

LETTERS FROM A WIDOW’S SONEllis S. Frison, Jr., J.D., “Trump’s Mentor” 10/20/2020Donald Trump was mentored by Roy Cohn, who made his reputation working for Wisconsin’s infamous Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy during McCarthy’s “anti-Communist” witch hunt in the 1950s. Trump met Cohn in 1973. One writer has observed Trump for decades did a long profile on the Cohn-Trump relationship: Cohn was known as a ruthless prosecutor. During the Red Scare of the 1950s, he and Wisconsin senator Joe McCarthy, claiming to be nationalist crusaders, hauled dozens of alleged “Communist sympathizers” before a Senate panel. Earlier, the House Un-American Activities Committee had skewered artists and entertainers on similar charges, resulting in a trail of fear, prison sentences, and ruined careers for hundreds, many of whom had found common cause in fighting Fascism. But in the decades since, Cohn had become the premier practitioner of hardball deal-making in New York, having mastered the arcane rules of the city’s Favor Bank (the local cabal of interconnected influence peddlers) and its magical ability to provide inside fixes for its machers and rogues.“You knew when you were in Cohn’s presence you were in the presence of pure evil,” said lawyer Victor A. Kovner, who had known Cohn for years. Cohn’s power derived largely from his ability to scare potential adversaries with hollow threats and spurious lawsuits. And the fee he demanded for his services was Ironclad loyalty. Sounds a lot like the Trump we see today!

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