The End Is Near

Friends, followers and facebook (I know that you’re watching me)

I have reached the end of my tenure on the facebook platform. Either I have been hacked and impersonated or just persecuted by facebook, I’ve had it. Today I realised that its simply not worth the effort of trying to make any logic or reason to facebook’s treatment of me and others who stand up to them. Like all bullies they win because they’re bigger, richer and more powerful. They allow anonymous trolls and haters to malign, insult and to use character assassination.slander people like me with strong opinions,WHY? To sell you things that you neither need nor want. I have never deviated from my belief that the internet should be a place there has to be total freedom of expression and dialogue. Facebook is a sham, it gives the impression of freedom, while maintaining an unwritten code of repression, when their revenues are threatened by your “freedom”. I obviously threaten them and their restrictions are supposed to be punishment. As no one at facebook has ever told why they have made their “community standards” violations in close to 3 years of harrassment, I, in fact, have been blocked for sharing posts from other facebook groups. The reason I’m suspicious that I’ve been hacked and trolls impersonating me is that they no longer even try to explain their actions when I’ve demanded explanations. Its like being tried in a court and told that you have to defend yourself as they refuse to tell you the charges and gag you when you ask what crimes I’m accused of.

I’m too old and too tired to fight in this forum, that’s why I started In the future I want to expand the blog to include more Canadian topics, green energy and politics, human rights and indigenous rights, peace and disarmament, gender and sexual orientation, health and wellness and personal issues that members want to share. I also have included a wide selection of music of many genres in Frank Farmer’s Words, and videos. As many of you know, I am waiting for a lung transplant, which is one reason that I have remained on facebook, to be in contact with other patients like myself. For us it has been a vital link and through my wife I will maintain.

When we were in Panama 5 years ago, facebook trolls managed to get me blocked during our election, fortunately I was able to use other expatriots’ accounts to stay informed. I’ve always made good and lasting friends on facebook, I treasure you all, for your trust, loyalty and support. I want all my friends and family to know that you can always reach me by email or on facebook through my wife Helene Treloar or on Twitter. When I’m in hospital my wife is the best person to contact regarding my condition and status. I will use the blog a my community megaphone.

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