The problem is not that Trump was beaten and refuses to accept it, it is that 67,000,000 voters still supported him. Toronto Star

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  1. Donnie is a reflection of his fans and that is very ugly from Donnie and his fans. This country seems to get ruder and nastier every day and Donnie is a symbol of this. Look all the people carrying all sorts of guns around just so I am an A HOLE Don’t F with me. Then you road rage where it seems so much of thee time courtesy and decency are no more.


    1. Trump is not going to disappear as I thought he would. I’m beginning to doubt that Biden will push to prosecute him because of the power that McConnell still has in the senate. He said that he will tell Biden who he can and cannot appoint to hie cabinet, which means that he will not ALLOW Biden to appoint an AG who will prosecute Trump or his people, like Barr. Biden may be the president buut McConnell will still be the power. Biden remembers what McConnell did to Obama’s administration, he castrated them. Unless there is a revolt in the republican party against the McConnelll/Trump wing and his leadership is rejected, or the midterm elections clean out the Trumpists. Biden will be the first president to be inaugurated holding his balls in his hands while McConnell runs the country for Trump until 2024.


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