Debate: Anti Semitism and Anti zionism. The right wing state of Israel dictating repression of freedom of speech and calling it anti Semitism. Is Israel a political entity or a religious one and does the state of Israel represent all Jewish opinion? Toronto Star

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  1. I opposed the genocide in Rwanda as did most people and nations in the world, does that mean that we are all anti African racists! Hell no. Every civiiised nation supported the end of apartehid in South Africa, did that mean that we’re all anti white? Hell no! Israel is a political state with a right wing racist government, it is a European nation and it has suppressed the indigenous people of the land that a colonial power bequeithed to them, Palestine. I support indignous Canadians in their struggle to reclaim their lands and resources, does that mean I’m anti white Canadian HELL NO. I put it to all Canadians of all ideologies and religions, do we support justice and human rights or a nation that hhas no regard fom justice and human rights of the Palestinian people.


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