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  1. Today I watched a CNN segment that pitted a semi literate white parent against a black Ph.D and it was an utter joke. The woman went on a rant holding up a law school text book titled “critical race theory’ and next held up a primary school book about gay households, she got increasingly agitated as she tried to equate gay parents with critical race theory, and proclaimed that it is “all the same” to which the black commentator, said are you worried about black people or gay people taking over your schools. I have yet to see a single opponent of CRT who even knows what it is!. The schools need to teach white kids why their parents not the kids. The US has had Critical White Theory, which omitted nonwhite Americans from history for generations, I know I taught it. If you want to know what MAGA really means, its Jim Crow education, segregated schools are the norm today teaching a Jim Crow curriculum to all students. White supremacists, white thugs and good Christian parents who carry guns to Walmart, want to exclude Critical Race Theory, because it might offend white kids to hear that black people were enslaved to be saved, an “volunteered” as Uncle Ben Carson, Trump’s personal coon, that is what they taught in those good old MAGA Jim Crow schools. Control the schools you control the next generation. The next generation will grow up in a nonwhite America, thats reality


  2. Apartheid is already is well established in America. The Afrikaaners came to study Jim Crow before the election of the Nationalist Party and the formal establishment of apartheid. Minority rule is gone but poverty, crime, inter-tribal and anti immigrant violence, in short what the Europeans predicted after the fall of apartheid in 1994. By 2040 white America will be less than 40% and of voting age By stopping nonwhites from voting now, minority rule by white racists against a broad anti racist coalition. How the nation survives the next election cycle will determine the fate of the nation for the rest of the century. In order for the nation to address the reality of the post “apocalypse” Minority Day, when nonwhite Americans outnumber whites, what kind of minority will white Americans be. We have seen how the European conquest of Latin America, slavery and liberation differed from the US and a white racist/global imperialist model, virtually taking over from Britain as the new progenitor of imperialism and racism. Will the white racists who elected Trump inherit the nation and subvert democracy and set up a collaborative white racist fascist/police state not unlike Putin’s Russia. The next administration will have to rewrite the Constitution to reflect the new reality of race, justice and reality. The irony is that no racialised state has survived more than a few generations except he US. I do believe that domestic violence, urban warfare and even guerilla war, terrorism, bombings, mass shootings all will increase. 2024 may well be the bloodiest election cycle in American history. History written in the next 4 years will be the most violent and volatile,
    This is not a cuture war, or a civil war, the white right has no real ideology, by that they can be nutcase evangelicals or Nazis or Klansmen, what unites them is hatred of nonwhite, multiculturalism and TRUTH.


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