US school desegregation was the issue that shot Harris ahead of the pack. Biden opposed busing to desegregate, Harris, like myself, was bused to majority white schools

Trudeau has sold out our country to Trump and his racist trade war with China. The Meng case has nothing to do with us, except that it costs our farmers. workers and companies billions. Now Trudeau wants Trump to talk to Xi about releasing Canadian hostages. Is Trump or Trudeau the leader of Canada, are we still a country or have we become a state. We need to send Trudeau a message, that if he won’t stand for our country, he’ll be on his knees forever to Trump.

More corroborating witnesses against Trump. He will be charged and convicted or sexual assaults as soon as he is out of the White House.

Tump was caught in another big lie. He has defined his presidency as erasing everything that Obama did. Trying to pass off his disastrous policy is just another big lie

We used to demand human rights compliance from foreign trade partners. Not any more, we apply the Trump standards, money, jobs and screw human rights and our products being used in commission of war crimes like the Saudis in Yemen. Canada has lost its conscience in pursuit of profit