The Frank Farmer Facebook Saga is at last coming to an end. I have been blocked for violating community standards. I invite everyone from my facebook page to come here, to post, discuss or just enjoy free speech, some art, some video some music. Facebook has used me and my friends long enough, now it’s time to take our freedom back, our liberty to express our opinions. WHY? Facebook is not free, if you offend the other “consumers”, even the racists and bigots, your, voice of my voice is expendable. I pay for this blog and no one censors it, no one will ever not blog an opinion, because it offends some bigot who might buy a Chinese E-bike that a warranty written in Sanskrit. Facebook should be honest, they are not social media, they are social marketing. Like with all marketing, sales and profit are all that matter. It really confuses me to see avowed Marxist facebook groups, selling Zuke’s products. Are we so desperate to communicate radical social ideas that we’ll be human commercials. “The revolution will NOT be televised, or on Facebook. Please start posting articles, opinions, statements, petitions, music, videos, kind words and mean shit. Controversy, chaos, mayhem, are all welcome. My mother told me, anyone who has nothing to argue about is someone no worth talking to. I agree with those sentiments. I’m sure that facebook friends will leave facebook eventually, I want to also attract people who DON’T agree with me. To do that I’ll have to rewrite the description so google will list it appropriately.

I’m going to post this when I am released from facebook jail. My facebook page will stay open for medical groups only. I’m sick and tired of playing ridiculous games with corporate masters. I will continue to post notices from the blog to facebook, however I will not respond on facebook. For all those who are in my facebook and want to maintain contact after I leave facebook, I’m always available here at A Farmers Almanac or at See you all soon right here. ITS BEEN A RUN!

This is my family and where I come from